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this is a selfie photo of me and my partnerHi everyone and welcome to life-captain.com, a website I and my partner Rhi set up to show people how to start an online business and make money working from home.

We have created a blog dedicated to helping stay-at-home and working parents (like us!) all over the world who may be stuck in traditional jobs or struggling with the work/life balance.

Whether feeling guilty about not having enough time for their children or simply overwhelmed by the bustle of modern-day life, we want to give back control.

We aim to do this by showing them legitimate online opportunities that could provide them with a better work/life balance, giving them more time and freedom and helping them create the life they have always dreamed of, allowing them to focus on what is really important – FAMILY.

We have achieved this through our hobby of blogging and the medium of affiliate marketing, but there are other methods in the online world and some mentioned on this website that may work just as well.

You can read about what affiliate marketing is here.

I Wasn’t Always An Internet Marketer!

In fact, if you had asked me 10-15 years ago about working from a computer to make a living, I would have told you that it sounded like my worst nightmare!

I have always been very active, some of my previous job titles were; chef, courier, and sports coach, all of which I was rarely at a computer or sitting down for.

The turning point for me was back in 2013 when I became a proud parent to twins and my outlook on life changed and I was forced to reassess my options.

I quickly understood that if I wanted more time and freedom with my new family, I needed more control over my income and so having an online business as an internet marketer, meant that I could work to my own schedule and from the comfort of my own home.

Although we’re not quite dot com millionaires yet, we’re making headway and it’s the best decision we ever made, as many people never take the first step.

So How Exactly Can We Help You?

Perfect practice leads to perfection – My journey as an internet marketer has been anything but easy. I had zero prior experience with internet marketing and as a working parent, finding the time to learn was difficult, which made the learning process slow and frustrating. I’m still learning new things almost every day and that keeps me on my toes and thirsty to keep moving forward.

I was very skeptical and didn’t know who to trust in the beginning, so I’ve passed through that stretch of the internet “minefield” and paved the way for anyone in a similar position behind me.

There’s no point doing anything (nevermind building an online business) if you’re going about it the wrong way and not being productive with your time. A lot can be accomplished in an hour or two a day, with the right training and motivation. I was lucky if I managed an hour at the end of my day when I started out!


I’m no expert (yet), but the training I’ve had has improved my knowledge and skills as an internet marketer ten times over so far and made the process a whole lot easier and much more enjoyable. You can read more about that training here.

I’ve wasted a lot of time, effort and a little money along the way, but I have also learned a lot about how to build an internet marketing business and now I want to pass on that knowledge so that you don’t make the same mistakes and you can start making money online as quickly as possible.

So have a look around our site and if you need any advice or have your own thoughts to share with us about parenting or building an internet marketing business, we would love to hear from you!

Until then, thank you,

Mike and Rhi – Founders of Life Captain


Affiliate Links

For full transparency, when links are displayed on this blog and it takes you to a company’s website, this link is what’s known as an affiliate/referral link. Should anyone end up buying a product as a result of these links, then we will earn a commission as a result.

Example affiliate link: SiteGround – Super fast web hosting that we have used for our blog and that we recommend personally as we believe it to be one of the best.

IMPORTANTthe referral doesn’t cost the buyer a single penny. The commission is paid for in full by the company.

And also as important, is that at Life-Captain, we only ever recommend a product that we have personally used or that we have 100% trust in. We will never recommend a product purely due to the commission it provides us.

Hopefully, that clarifies everything for you. However, if you still have questions for us, then leave us your message on our contact page.


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About Author: Michael Anthony is the owner of Life Captain and a proud father to twins. He hopes to help fellow parents escape the 9-5 rat race and take back control, by providing the tools to start their own business.

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  1. Hi Mike and Rhi! It is great to see a couple that I can relate to! The wife and I have been searching for means to be financially self-reliant and you are honest in your approach on how you will help people like me gain financial freedom! Thank you and I will be coming back!

    1. Hi Elviz and thanks for stopping by. My goal is to be as honest and clear with everyone from the start. I aim to help others as much as possible and glad I could help you find a couple who you can relate to. Hope to see you real soon!


  2. Hi Mike, thanks for sharing a bit of your journey and how you came to start this blog. It’s interesting that you came from a very active work background but it goes to show that making money online can complement almost all types of jobs once you have access to the internet of course. That’s great that you and your partner have prioritized family and taken the necessary steps to make time with family a core part of your life. All the best on your journey.

    1. Hi Tamika, indeed I had many different jobs that were very active, I still can’t sit still for too long otherwise I get restless! Thanks for stopping by our blog and I hope Life Captain has been able to help you answer a question or help point you in the right direction

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