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affilorama review

Affilorama Review

Overview and Score


Price: FREE ==> Join Here $0

Optional One-Off Costs: $37, $997

Optional Recurring Costs: $17, $47, $97 (monthly)

Life Captain Score: 7/10

Pros: Free lessons are both in video and written format and contain lots of good content

Cons: Some of the training needs updating, a lot of upsells, expensive with all the programs


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I aim to provide you with an honest and insightful review based on my personal experience and help you understand if Affilorama is something that can help you with your goals and your business. Should you have any questions that are not answered in this review, then please leave me a comment below so I can best answer for you.



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What Is Affilorama?

Affilorama is one of the largest affiliate marketing training and community websites around and it was Co-founded in 2006 by successful internet marketer Mark Ling and Simon Slade. Their main focus is their teachings on affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC) and email marketing.

Affilorama’s ethos is to provide all the tools and training to aspiring internet marketers whilst minimising potential barriers to learning. The idea is regardless of experience or skill, you are able to create a profitable online business as quickly as possible.

They offer four different learning programs:

  1. Free Lessons
  2. Pathway To Passive $37
  3. AffiloJetpack $997
  4. AffiloTools $0, $17, $47, $97 (monthly)

We’ll cover each one in more detail as we go through the review.

First Impressions

From Affilorama’s homepage it’s easy to navigate and very much beginner-friendly. When you sign up for the free membership you gain access to +120 lessons and tutorials, the members’ forum and the affilorama blog. All the lessons are categorised for easy access and the members’ forum is one of the largest around with +900’000 members according to Affilorama.

The great thing about free membership is that you can get started and on your way to learning the fundamentals of affiliate marketing at your own pace, without having to purchase anything or sign up for a monthly subscription.

this is a screenshot of homepage

Once you’re signed up, you will be sent a welcome email containing a free downloadable report (pictured below) which is a 32 page PDF report with 12 chapters detailing fundamental topics such as;

  • what is affiliate marketing?
  • The steps for building an affiliate website
  • the pro’s and cons of affiliate marketing
  • attracting traffic to your website
  • email marketing.

this is a screenshot displaying the free "quick start affiliate marketing guide" from

You also get a companion infographic which is essentially a checklist you can refer to whilst you go through each chapter in the quick start guide. I’ve found the report useful for reference when using programs such as Clickbank and WordPress and when I first started with email marketing.

You also get follow up emails with lots more content and questions, but let’s get back to the free membership and look at what else has to offer.

Training Lessons

There is over 120 free lessons that are all set up in both text format and HD video. All lessons are complemented with PDF lesson notes you can download in case you are not online and read at your convenience. Lessons are broken down into 8 categories, starting with the basics and moving on to more advanced topics such as SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click advertising) and outsourcing.

this is a screenshot of the lessons page on

Programs & Tools

There are 3 tools or programs as Affilorama call them, each one is designed for a different purpose and although I will cover what they are for and help you decide which one would be most beneficial to you, I must disclose that this review of Affilorama is based on the free membership and I do not have the first-hand experience using any of these programs.

Pathway To Passive

this is a picture of affilorama's pathway to passive content strategyPathway to Passive by Mark Ling is an affordable and easy to understand a content strategy that you can apply to your affiliate marketing business to scale it to the next level.

Although predominantly aimed at beginners, more experienced affiliate marketers could also benefit as the strategy provides techniques to help boost traffic and increase existing sales.

Key Benefits of Pathway to Passive

  • Show you how to chose profitable niches and products to promote
  • How to target the right audience with “buyer intent” keywords and not have to waste your time
  • Learn about sales funnels and build your own to convert your visitors into buyers
  • Create a website and content that people want to share via social media
  • Learn search engine optimisation techniques (SEO) to propel your content’s rankings

A birds-eye view guide designed so you always know what you’re doing and to save you time and avoid the mistakes many newbies commit when starting out. It’s priced at $37 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

For a more detailed rundown on how Pathway To Passive works, FAQ’s and how it could benefit you, head over to


this is a screenshot of affilotools dashboardA cloud-based (online) SEO suite that’s currently still being tested and developed (beta) so not all the features are available to use just yet. It’s available to try with the free membership and integrates with other tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and Clickbank. The idea is you have all your analytic tools together in one place to save time and money.

AffiloTools Highlights And Benefits

  • Track rankings in all major search engines and in different regions so you know what keywords are working best for you
  • Checks the health of your website to spot any technical issues and help you fix them so that you can keep your website performing at it’s best
  • Everything is stored online so there’s no software to download and you can easily monitor from anywhere
  • Works on all devices so whether you’re using a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile, you can access your data

The majority of affiliates require multiple tools and have several subscriptions to monitor their website data, but with AffiloTools you can centralise all these needs so you don’t have to get your information and stats from multiple resources. The benefit of this is time saved searching and a reduced single payment instead of multiple subscriptions.

You can try AffiloTools out for FREE at


this is a screenshot of the AffiloJetpack dashboardAffioJetpack is a “done for you and ready to plug in” package deal that Affilorama believes is a powerful system that can earn you money on autopilot. Inside the program you get 4 main components;

  1. A 90 email newsletter sequence (500 words each) designed to build trust with your subscribers and make sales
  2. 3 different “free reports” (10’000 words each) to generate sign-ups to your newsletter and help grow your email list
  3. 5 WordPress websites with “one-click setup” that also comes with 12 months hosting included
  4. 20 content “cheat sheets” where the research process has been done for you and that you can use for content ideas

The idea of AffiloJetpack is to remove the barriers to entry of internet marketing and have all the groundwork done for you so that you can start earning money as soon as possible. It’s priced at $997 which seems a lot, but if you do actually get 5 websites “done for you and ready to plug in”, then that’s $200 per website which is a reasonable rate to pay.

For more information and a detailed breakdown of the 4 components highlighted above, then visit

Affilorama Benefits

Key Benefits

  • 100+ lessons packed with actionable content on a wide range of topics – affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO and PPC.
  • It is absolutely free! You can access these resources without any hidden costs or fees
  • Learn from the professionals: in addition to lessons created by Mark Ling, users can access a range of interviews and videos from other professionals within the industry.

What Is Included?

  • A virtual “lesson book” to keep track of the lessons covered, keeping you on track.
  • Access to Affilorama’s forums, one of the largest affiliate forums on the internet.
  • Access to videos and webinars, where they speak straight to some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing.

Who Is It For?

  • Beginner internet marketers that need lessons aimed at new affiliates (such as “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners”).
  • Intermediate internet marketers that want lessons on more advanced subjects such as SEO, paid traffic and outsourcing.


BONUS VIDEO: Watch Mark Ling From Affilorama Talk About How To Make $10k A Month Online


Clicking on the lessons page, you will see that the “100+ free lessons” are broken down into 8 main topic areas.

There are lessons on all the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, such as finding a niche, building a website, attracting traffic to your website and earning revenue. The lessons each have a video and written text so depending on how you prefer to cover a topic there are options for both. I found using the written content useful when I was in a public space and could not play a video.


this is a screenshot showing some of the free lessons within

Starting with “Essential resources every new affiliate marketer needs”, through market research, content creation, SEO and ending with affiliate outsourcing, which is what the majority of affiliates strive towards. It’s essentially reducing the workload, by getting others to do some or all of the work for you.

This can be a great way to get professional help right from the beginning if you don’t have the skills to perform a certain task, ie – build a website or write your first blog post. For others, outsourcing also means freeing themselves up to enjoy more time and freedom.

Note: This is a review of the free membership, but for those that want faster results and are willing to invest in their business, there are various products you can purchase that could get you earning money sooner, but that’s 100% up to you. For more information, head to and take the short quiz.

Is Affilorama Legit?

Affilorama has been present within the online business space for over a decade now and with over 900’000 registered members, I would say it is definitely legit. My experience with Affilorma is that although it has it’s imperfections, I still think the FREE membership provides great value for anyone new to affiliate or internet marketing.

The company boasts one of the largest affiliate marketing community and training websites on the internet, where you can network with like-minded internet marketers of different levels who can help you out along the way. Having a support network when starting anything new helps to point you in the right direction.

When I started out online, Affilorama was one of the first companies I came across. The fact that I could access the training for FREE was great because at the time I wasn’t sure about investing any money upfront due to there being so many internet scams around plus, I was on a very tight budget!

However, whether you are just starting out or have a little experience, I can confidently say that after spending a lot of time using their resources to help build my own business, the Affilorama free membership is a great resource for beginners to learn the ropes and grow their knowledge of affiliate marketing.

Life-Captain Verdict

Whether you’re looking to learn about affiliate marketing as a whole or have a specific topic you want to pinpoint, I hope this review has helped you decide if Affilorama is a good fit for you.

Their free membership is a very good product that introduces you to the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. You get access to the vast community and the training is delivered in both text and HD videos to cater to different learners and allows you to create the foundations of a successful online business at no cost or risk.

You won’t learn everything you need to know through the free membership, however, as that would take away from the value of the paid programs that they have to offer, but there’s still great value there and I’m happy to recommend the free account to you.

There’s just one thing…

Although I started out through Affilorama, I have since progressed to (in my humble opinion) a more comprehensive and up to date online business training at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s my top recommendation that I have been using for quite some time now and they also offer FREE membership. Read my full Wealthy Affiliate review to get the low down.

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  • Free To Join
  • Large Community
  • HD Videos
  • Legit since 2005


  • Some Training Outdated
  • Low Member Activity
  • Cross Selling Emails
  • Program Upsells


About Author: Michael Anthony is the owner of Life Captain and a proud father to twins. He hopes to help fellow parents escape the 9-5 rat race and take back control, by providing the tools to start their own business.

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