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Overview and Score


Price – Free Membership: $0 Join Here

Life-Captain Score: 8/10

Best Bits: Lessons are both in video and written format

Room For Improvement: Some of the training needs updating

I aim to provide you with an honest and insightful review, based on my personal experience and help you understand if Affilorama is something that can help you with your goals and your business. Should you have any questions that are not answered in this review, then please leave me a comment below so I can best answer for you.

Intro To Affilorama

Whether you’re looking to learn about affiliate marketing as a whole or have a specific topic you want to pinpoint, we’ll see if affilorama is a good fit for your needs.

As you may have already discovered from doing a little research, filtering through the search engine results of how to make money online, can be an overwhelming process in itself.

There appears to be an endless number of websites and products out there that claim to be able to teach you how to make money online, some good, some not so good.

How many of them do you suppose actually return on their promise? Very few I’m guessing.

What’s more, many are not legitimate, promising a secret to overnight success, which almost certainly tells us it’s a scam! Others expect you to cough up your hard earned cash or part with credit card details before you can even get started – I bet you have come across a few of these.

My Experience With Affilorama

It’s one of the first places I discovered when I started out when I was a newbie at affiliate marketing. It appeared to have everything I needed and it was FREE. I was happy to use the training resources because at the time I wasn’t sure about investing any money due to there being so many scams out there!

However, whether you are just starting out or have a little experience, I can confidently say that after spending a lot of time using their resources to help build my own business, the affilorama free membership is a great resource for beginners to learn the ropes and grow their knowledge of affiliate marketing.

The website includes lessons on all the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, such as finding a “niche”, building a website, attracting traffic to your website and earning revenue. The lessons each have a video and written text so depending on how you prefer to cover a topic there are options for both. I found using the written content useful when I was in a public space and could not play a video.

First Impressions

From the homepage, the website is easy to navigate and very much beginner friendly. It’s packed with lessons and tutorials, that can get you started and on your way to learning the basics of affiliate marketing at your own pace, without having to purchase anything or a monthly membership.

Once you sign up to the free membership, you will be sent a welcome email (see below) containing a free downloadable report and infographic.

affilorama review

The free report (see below) is made up of 12 chapters detailing the fundamental topics such as; what is affiliate marketing?  The steps for building an affiliate website, the pro’s and cons of affiliate marketing and later on, attracting traffic to your website and email marketing.

affilorama review

The infographic is a “visual roadmap”, which is essentially a checklist you can refer to whilst you go through each chapter in the free report. I have found the report useful for reference when using programs such as Clickbank and WordPress and when I first started with email marketing.

You get follow up emails with lots more content and questions, but let’s get back to the free membership and look at what the website has to offer.

Here’s a brief overview…

Key Benefits

  • 100+ free lessons packed with actionable content on a wide range of topics – affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO and PPC.
  • It is absolutely free! Yep, once again, there are no hidden costs or fees
  • Learn from the professionals: in addition to lessons created by Mark Ling, users can access a range of interviews and videos from other professionals within the industry.

What Is Included

  • A virtual “lesson book” to keep track of the lessons covered, keeping you on track.
  • Access to Affilorama’s forums, one of the largest affiliate forums on the internet.
  • Access to videos and webinars, where they speak straight to some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing.

Who Is It For?

  • Beginner internet marketers that need lessons aimed at new affiliates (such as “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners”).
  • Intermediate internet marketers that want lessons on more advanced subjects such as SEO, paid traffic and outsourcing.

Clicking on the lessons page, you will see that the “100+ free lessons” are broken down into 8 main topic areas.

affilorama review

Starting with “Essential resources every new affiliate marketer needs”, through market research, content creation, SEO and ending with affiliate outsourcing, which is what the majority of affiliates strive towards. It’s essentially reducing the workload, by getting others to do the some or all of the work for you.

This can be a great way to get professional help right from the beginning if you don’t have the skills to perform a certain task, ie – build a website or write your first blog post. For others, outsourcing also means freeing themselves up to enjoy more time and freedom.

Note: This is a review of the free membership, but for those that want faster results and are willing to invest, there are various products you can purchase that get you earning money sooner, but that’s 100% up to you. For more information, head to and take the short quiz.


Life-Captain Verdict & BONUS

Final Score = 8/10

The free membership on offer at introduces you to a lot of what you need to know about getting started within affiliate marketing. You won’t learn everything you need to know through the free membership, as that would take away from the paid products that they offer, but you can still pick up on the fundamentals of affiliate marketing to create the foundations of a successful online business at no cost or risk.

Some of the training videos did seem a little outdated, but the basics were all there and the site is easy to navigate and broken down into useful subsections for your convenience.

The company boasts one of the largest affiliate marketing community and training websites on the internet, where you can network with over 800’000 like-minded marketers of different levels who can help with any questions when getting started. I did find however that quite a few of the forums were not so recently active.

When I got started, I wasn’t 100% invested in the idea so was reluctant to invest any money before I knew the fundamentals and had the cold hard facts surrounding affiliate marketing. is a place that delivers on value without having to stick your neck out and invest anything other than time upfront.

==>Sign up today FOR FREE and let me know how your training goes.

BONUS VIDEO: Watch Mark Ling from affilorama talk about how to make $10k a month online

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About Author: Michael Anthony is the owner of Life Captain and a proud father to twins. He hopes to help fellow parents escape the 9-5 rat race and take back control, by providing the tools to start their own business.

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